Saturday, July 24, 2010

G R E A T ! ! !

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful...
didn't update my blog for a long time, hehe
x smpat lol..

let me start with a very nice story that should be shared wif everybody!
it's about the day that full of precious moments..
a very nice day..
and a very GREAT GREAT GREAT day..

7 am: adhwa anis, called me,
it sounds like this..

" adhwa: ma, mu ado kelas dop arini?
ema : pg x dok, tp ak ade program batch from 730 till 12 smthing..
bakpo wa??
adhwa: ow yeke?
ptg mung ade klas x?
ema : ptg ade, kol 5 - 7...bakpo mu tanyo ni??
adhwa: ala, bakpo mu ado klas...
ak nkg kuantan ni...papa ak ado kijo...igt nk singgah uia jupo mung..

ak yg dengan mata yang masih terpejam tros terbangun kerana sgt excited! hahaha
and ak tros jwb,

ema : laa, yeke?? mu mai je la..
law mu mai ak x yah la g program batch 2 pon x pe, hehe
adhwa: ok! wait for me..

i'm so excited!
actually at that time, i plan 2 take my bath, because the program will begin at 730!
so, i continue sleep with a very very sweet smile, ahakz!

ok, at 9 i woke up, taking bath n tidy my rum little bit..

at 10, adhwa arrived here..
talked little bit with her papa, n then went to my room..

1030: put the suitable cloth n go to ecm wif adhwa n cik nad..

as usual, adhwa do told me a lot of stories..
about her life, stdy n etc..
a lot of stories but i like it dear..:)

we stop at kfc for our lunch, then stories from adhwa never stop yet!
we spent longest time at the kfc wif mambling bla bla bla..
then adhwa's dad came n took us..
actually, he got a meeting at kl 530 pm..
but bcoz traffic problem, he didn't attend the meeting..
pity of him!:(

then, come back was 330pm something..
then got a very good news, the leadership class was cancelled!

so at 5, as usual, i played badminton n the best moment was when ifa lose 2 me!
iffa such a great player n i don't know if i can defeat her or not after dis, hahaha!
iffa, we'll meet in the match again after this ok..:)

so 23 july 2010 was a very great day for me!
but meet my besffren is the precious moment on that day...
love u so much..:)

onjoy our pic on that day..:)

love u so much..:)

auw gwdixx!haha

i, adhwa n cinad..:)

we'll meet again raya nanti ye..:)



  1. wah wah wah schantek giller belog awk! tapi cdeyh ar sy xder pon kat blog list awk...huk3

  2. hahahaha
    sori wak..
    aritu sy delete sume..
    nati sy add balek ye wak..:)